About us

You’re making your way down the street and you have the feeling that the world is at your feet. By this simple realization your secret femininity has been awakened.

And that’s exactly the feeling I experience when I put on my high heels.

Our family has a given historical tradition as shoemakers and this was one of the reasons I decided to change the aim of my life. After 15 years of working in banking and services, I felt a great desire to be part of the manufacturing process and focus on perfecting the subject of my lifelong passion.

And so the thought of creating the first truly perfect universal high heels came to me. This was followed by looking for the attributes that such high heels should have – timeless design, comfort and universal usability.

The family, with my father a doctor and my mother an unceasing lover of footwear, helped in the overall development. From this process emerged the idea of incorporating an orthopedic pad directly in the shoe, and their sale as individual items for the sake of maximum comfort.

After a period of several years, the first high heels with which I was satisfied and which are truly without compromises saw the light of day.

I sincerely hope that Catherine Mulier high heels will be your “destiny” too.